What kind of sensors can be deployed in the City?

  1. CPS-enhanced location (location down to 1 meter, as well as altitude, and below-street level readings)
  2. Friend map states (“I need help (levels 1-10), “I’m OK”, “I’m lost”, “Mommy I’m here”, “Marathon mode”, “commuting to home/work”, “stuck in traffic”).  Friend map states automatically transition to different states based on algorithm/rules.  Can be in anonymous mode too.
  3. Citizen home/work locations.  This allows MTA to better plan rush hour patterns
  4. Ambient noise
  5. Cameras (picture and video for citizen reporting; augmented reality)
  6. Citizen identity information (for expedited access to secure areas, no need to fill out forms)
  7. NFC (for public transit ticketing, also as form of gov issued ID that private companies can use for authentication)At building entrances, tap NFC, this shows verified picture of bearer for guard to check, randomly checks with city-maintained auth server.  Businesses with high-security reqts can subscribe to mandatory confirmation service, another revenue source for the City, on top of which private security firms can build high security solutions.