While walking around the City during one of our many Reinvent expeditions , we noticed things that we haven't paid attention to before.

First of all, we were surprised how many payphones there still are. None of us can remember the last time we used one.  To us, they were billboards that happen to make calls.

We also noticed that the City took pains to preserve the look of certain neighborhoods.

Union Square for instance.  It still had traditional lampposts. And even modern additions, like the Digital Display on top of the subway station entrance, were camouflaged not to draw attention to themselves.

And that's one reason why we went for modularity and chose to even have a bare-bones, plate-only configuration.


In Union Square, we envision several plate-only DWs talking wirelessly to mated devices.  Why, the City can even go for a "nostalgia" deployment that uses a turn-of-the-century phonebooth instead of the modern pole configuration we designed.

Perhaps, an NYCDataWell sticker, similar to the ubiquitous Wifi stickers can be used to let people know that DW services are available even in an unconventional, camouflaged location.