In the pictures of the DataWell in its base plate configuration, you'll notice that it has two "names":

  • Pinpoint Name: 17:BWY:04 - which stands for 17th and Broadway, DataWell 4, and
  • Befriend Name: Gandhi

The Pinpoint name is straightforward enough and it echoes Manhattan's grid system.  The Befriend name is voted on by the community (perhaps, the local Community Board can organize this) when each DataWell is commissioned.

For the example above, we chose Gandhi because of the Mahatma Gandhi statue in the southwest corner of Union Square on the intersection of, you guessed it, 17th & Broadway.

While we were brainstorming Naming,  we used Befriend Names like:

  • Jane (for Jane Jacobs) near her old house on 555 Hudson Street
  • Teddy (for Teddy Roosevelt)  His birthplace is just around the corner from Ecco Design's office
  • Dick (for Dick Clark) for a Times Square DataWell nearest the spot where they normally put up the New Year countdown stage
  • Ed (for Ed Koch) in City Hall Park.  And all mayors will have DWs named after them in the park.