When you turn off your smartphone' Wi-Fi, you'll notice that apps that require location services become less accurate.  On IOS, the operating system will even prompt you to turn on Wi-Fi again to get better accuracy.

What does Wi-Fi have to do with location services, you may ask?

This is because companies like Google and Skyhook Wireless use Wi-Fi positioning technology to supplement GPS satellite signals, which specially in an Urban Canyon like NYC, do not work reliably.

The thing with this technology is that it depends on having a reliable census of the Wi-Fi routers in an area.  Though routers, once deployed, do not necessarily move, the technology only gives you a resolution of 10-20 meters, not accurate enough for dense urban environments like NYC.

With chip manufacturers already manufacturing chipsets that support high-resolution Indoor Positioning Technology, registering DWs down to the last inch allows higher-precision.

And doing so will enable a whole slew of super-accurate, hyperlocal usecases and business models.  Not just indoor, but underground and at the street-level too.

AuthorJoel Natividad