Ordered some more urbanist books - "Triumph of the City", "Wrestling with Moses" and "Urban Planning for Dummies." ;)

Decided to try out Amazon Locker and found one on my evening walk home.  Had it delivered to "Gantin" on 666 Greenwich Street.

I must say it was a painless, idiot-proof experience.

Maybe in a future version, Amazon can make its smartphone app smarter and you just need to bump your phone to claim your stuff ;)

AuthorJoel Natividad
CategoriesDesign, Gadgets

This project is our brainchild.  And as proud new parents, we've been looking for an appellation to call our creation.

But instead of baby naming sites, we were going through thesauri, dictionaries, and domain-name registration sites to come up with a name.

And after today's session, the team has agreed on what Sara and I came up with - NYCDatawell.

It works on so many levels - our design echoes the outlines of an oil well ("Data is the New Oil!"), or as a water well ("River of Data"), as a verb - "to rise to the surface", or as an adverb - "I'm well, thank you!"

And of course, having the domain name available also helps :)

AuthorHarry Lees