Inclusive Design Guidelines.

Of all the panelists during the Info Session, Robert Piccolo - deputy commissioner of the Mayor's Office for Persons with Disabilities, was the most vocal.

Not in a bad way, but it was clear that he was passionate about making sure that entrants consider accessibility when they create their ideas.

So when the panel ended, I made it a point to have a brief chat with him because he did say that he can provide copies of "Inclusive Design Guidelines", of which, he was the Editor-in-Chief.

And it was a really brief chat.  There was a queue, so I only managed to give him my card and exchanged some quick pleasantries.

I made a mental note to myself to reach out to him the following week to ask for a softcopy of the IDG.   Sure enough, I misplaced the bizcard and was just googling him up when Jess at the Incubator flopped down this Manila envelope on our desk.

Hhhmmm.... we were not expecting any packages.  What could this be?

And what do you know!  Robert sent us a printed edition of the IDG!  It had all kinds of useful info that the Ecco Design team can put to good use.  I dropped it off at the Ecco Design office this morning on the bike commute in...

AuthorJoel Natividad