It all started with a Happy Accident.

Ontodia was invited to present at the GeoWeb Summit last October. However, Sandy kiboshed the original schedule and the Summit was moved to November 8.

Turnout was a bit sparse as people canceled their travel plans. Still, Miguel and I dutifully made our way to Dumbo Loft to participate.

We got there early and parked ourselves on the second row. We started chatting up some attendees, mostly trading Sandy stories.

My panel was the first one on the schedule. One of the speakers couldn't make it from Boston so it was just me and Andy Hunter from Broadcastr with conference organizer Peter Verkooijen doing a yeoman's job moderating.

After the panel, I took my seat. In the empty seat next to mine before I went up to the talk now seated Eric Chan - founder of Ecco Design.

We started chatting and exchanged cards. A week later, Eric reached out and invited Ontodia to his studio November 20, the week before Thanksgiving break.

It was a meeting of the minds, and Sami, Miguel and I left quite impressed. As we wrapped up the meeting, both parties agreed to stay in touch for a future collaboration.

On Dec 4, ReinventPayphones was announced at NYTM. I was working late that night and as soon as I saw it on my tweetdeck, I sent an email to Eric and his team telling them about the Challenge.

Minutes later, Eric replied confirming that they're also aware of ReinventPayphones and asked if Ontodia is interested in a collaboration. The rest, as they say, is history ;)

AuthorJoel Natividad