Peopleware Gallery

Second Screen
More than 70% of New Yorkers use smartphones - powerful,  pocket computers. Smartphone innovation is on the fast track, and the era of wearable computers has not even started.  Our system complements the smartphone and the coming generation of wearable computers.

City Positioning System
The City is already experimenting with Indoor GPS.  DataWells can be leveraged to create a City Positioning System.
A high-resolution CPS covering the entire city would accelerate hyperlocal innovation.

Citizens as Sensors
Modern smartphones are bristling with sensors.  We now surrender these readings, along with our personal information to corporate giants so they can sell us things. Why not share this anonymized data with the City to make for Smarter Government?

It is now easier to reach the entire world than to reach out to your neighborhood.  Why not arm community boards, block associations, and other citizen advocacy groups with technology to create dot.Communities?

Answering People Interface
Instead of several siloed apps from different agencies, why not have actionable, correlated, relevant information at your fingertips, regardless of the source?
We envision allowing smartphone developers to surface actionable information through this interface too.

Civic Hackers, Citizen Scientists
Tap into the Genius of the Crowd. Researchers, Students, and Civic activists will all inevitably "scratch an itch" and create innovations that leverage the DataWell and the data it exposes and collects - creating a Civic Commons for everyone's benefit.

Citizen Engagement
Make Citizens active participants in their own government, and get away from "Vending Machine Government."

Business Engagement
All businesses.  Not just companies that can afford to hire an ad agency.  The local coffeeshop doesn't need to target all DataWells, just ones around the block during peak hours.

Developers, developers, developers
Unleash the creative power of the Developer Community. Use existing technologies they're already familiar with. NYCBigApps year-round! Developers, developers, developers, developers.

What is a city, but the people? True, the people are the city.
— William Shakespeare, Coriolanus