The ReinventPayphones Challenge has the following criteria:

  • Connectivity: Ability to connect New Yorkers and enable communication, including for safety and emergency purposes
  • Creativity: Originality, innovation and quality of idea
  • Visual Design: Including visual appeal and user experience
  • Functionality: Flexibility, versatility, scalability, accessibility and sustainability
  • Community Impact: Support of local residents, businesses and cultural institutions

To these five, we added for ourselves:

  • People-scale: Become part of the urban landscape at the street-level. The eye-level. The people-level.
  • Future-ready: Will not only keep pace with the latest technology, but facilitate it.
  • Economic Impact: Help create new Jobs, Industries and Innovations.
  • Distinctly New York:  An iconic design that reflect and not distract from the idiosyncrasies of each neighborhood.